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Technet Technology is best BPO training Provider, Our corporate training programs encompass a wide range of skills that most organizations find an integral and necessary part of everyday business. From basic communication skills training to leadership training, Technet Technology offers various kinds of training programs to address every business needs and ensure success in English section. Separate classes for English are available for weak students.

This course aims at giving the students clarity and coherence in their speech. At the same time skills like telephone etiquette and positive attitude are imparted to add to the existing knowledge base.

Key Features

  • Introduction to the culture of BPOs with appropriate terminology
  • Inbound and outbound BPOs
  • Multi-Skill BPO, Customer Service BPO, Insurance BPO
  • Tele-Sales Process
  • Call Quality, Call Monitoring or Call Barging
  • Submitting a report, Importance of Greeting Line, How to close a call.
  • Handling an irate customer
  • Body Postures while taking a call, Voice quality on calls,
  • Speech Clarity
  • Call Evaluation Positives and negatives

BPO jobs requirements for domestic and international BPOs have flooded the employment sector. These jobs require excellent English speaking skills, and not everyone has good command over the language. Well, to overcome this hurdle, we have introduced BPO training programs for all..
Our BPO training course has been framed considering the education background and industry requirement. Technet Technology is an excellent BPO training provider addressing the key concerns such as confident speaking, communication skills, mother tongue influence within spoken English, voice modulation and intonation, etc.

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