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Technet Technology PVT Ltd. is a trend-setter among business process outsourcing company. We have cutting-edge technology and robust infrastructure to manage all our projects efficiently. We are equipped with latest facilities like predictive dialer software, ACD, IVR, soft phone, voice logging and call recording in all our nine contact centers. The call center services offered by Technet Technology PVT Ltd are divided under three main heads which are outbound, inboundand back office services.
Technet Technology PVT Ltd Services has the expertise and skilled manpower to set up and manage large outbound and inbound call center services. Our call center agents are well trained and proficient enough to handle large volumes of calls in a professional manner. The agents are provided in-house training starting from greeting the customers over the phone, calls pertaining to surveys, lead generation, verifications, collections and sales.
Technet Technology PVT Ltd Services is your one stop business process outsourcing firm for all your call center requirements. All you need to do is experience the Technet Technology.

Outbound Call Center Services

Appointment Setting:
This has turned out to be a pivotal call center service over the years. This is one of the call center services that firms offer for office appointments, reservations and service schedulers for various forms of transportation, dinners, seats, concerts, special events, seminars and others.

Cross Selling and Upselling:
Cross selling and up-selling services are provided by Technet Technology PVT Ltd. This call center function helps in the expansion of the client's market, thereby facilitating growth.

Telemarketing Services:
Telemarketing services are primarily call center services which deal with enhanced customer service for clients. Technet Technology PVT Ltd has been able to meet the client's target in this regard appreciatively.

Market Research & Survey:
Market research is essential to gather vital information and current market trends, buying pattern of customers, competitors and potential area of growth. We offer extensive research services which enable you to attain business excellence.

Product or Service Promotion:
Product promotion involves informing, reminding and persuading the customers to buy a particular product or service. Technet Technology PVT Ltd provides exclusive product promotional support to customers through Tele-services.

Lead Generation:
Lead generation means creation or generation of prospective consumer interest into a business product or services. Technet Technology PVT Ltd has the expertise to give you leads that will boost your sales. Through our network of call centres, we carry out market surveys and research that help us to generate fresh leads that have high rates of conversion.

Inbound Call Center Services:

Answering Service:
An answering service is a business service that basically answers telephone calls and conveys messages to the clients. The answering service from Technet Technology PVT Ltd services is capable of doing this and more. We specialize in providing effective and accurate answering services that save time and cost.

Customer Service:
Every successful business focuses on three elements of customer relationship management - customer acquisition, customer growth and customer care.Technet Technology PVT Ltd is a perfect choice to be your Customer Relationship Manager. We will help you to track the buying patterns of your customers, detect market trends and accordingly sell your product or services.

Direct Response Marketing:
The process of direct response marketing is offered by an inbound call center. We help you broadcast your product and services through print and electronic media and also handle the customer calls. Our agents ensure that every call results in sales. Technet Technology PVT Ltd ensures that each incoming call is processed efficiently and appropriately by its call center representative.

Helpdesk Solutions:
The help desk is the central hub through which problems and issues are reported. Technet Technology PVT Ltd provides tailor-made solutions to provide a superior customer service interaction and thus leveraging each customer relationship to the fullest.

Inquiry Handling:
Inquiry handling is a key function for an inbound call centre. All inquiries of the customers are handled appropriately and the detailed information about a particular service or product is given. Technet Technology PVT Ltd has an inbound call centre that offers all information required for the customer to have a thorough understanding of the products or services.

Tech Support Solutions:
Tech support is the central hub through which computer problems and issues are reported. Our certified engineers provide tailor-made tech support solutions in a quick and efficient way so that customers can enjoy greater peace of mind.

Sales Lead Qualification:
Through this service, an inbound call centre offers qualified leads to increase business opportunity in your organization. Technet Technology PVT Ltd takes charge of your hard earned inquiries to qualify, nurture, quantify and deliver ready-to-close sale opportunity with excellent return on investment.

Email and Chat Support:
Technet Technology PVT Ltd provides management of client's email traffic on behalf of our clients. We work towards building quality customer relationship for our clients. We have successfully and competently handled email support. Our experience ranges from the simple to the complex.

Back Office Services:
ranscription Services:
Technet Technology PVT Ltd is the ultimate resource for all your transcription services offering affordable transcription services that will meet your deadline without breaking your budget. Technet Technology PVT Ltd uses cutting edge technology to ensure consistent high quality conversion of your audio-video to text output voice transcription.

Order Taking Services:
Technet Technology PVT Ltdservices can play a supporting role in all your order taking services. We help in accurately recording and delivering the important messages that make your business run. We have experienced order taking representatives who are proficient enough to handle calls and take orders over the phone.

Billing and Product Information:
The skilled call center agents of Technet Technology PVT Ltd Services can be your customer's main information source for a particular product or service. We are specialized in providing technical product information to its callers. Technet Technology PVT Ltd is your complete source for automated billing and mailing your outsourced services.

Web Marketing Services:
Technet Technology PVT Ltd boasts of a comprehensive web marketing services team. It ensures that we generate significant revenue for our clients and provide maximum returns on investment. Technet Technology PVT Ltd has acquired the expertise in providing different strategies for web marketing services.
Technet Technology PVT Ltd Services is your one stop call center outsourcing company for all your call center requirements.

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